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Organizing summer tours for Union officials and union members in 2019

Ngày cập nhật: Thứ sáu, 27/09/2019
Update : 13th  August 2019
 Organize summer tours for Union officials and union members in 2019
Implementing the Plan No. 03 / KH-CĐ dated September 15, 2019 of the College Union Executive Committee on the issuance of the plan of union activities for the school year 2018-2019. Get the attention of the school management during 2 days 10-11 / 8/2019. The Union of Danang Tourism College organized a 2019 summer tour for all of the School's employees and employees at Alaba Thanh Tan Tourism Area, Suoi Voi Tourist Area, Thua Thien Hue Province. Visiting with the delegation was Mr. Le Duc Trung - Secretary of the Party cell, the Director of the college and teachers.
Tourism - Sightseeing - Vacation is always one of the activities that the School Union Executive Committee cares about the most and organizes regularly for union members in order to create favorable conditions for cadres, officials and employees. connecting, exchanging and sharing experiences in work and life, contributing to improving the spiritual life for officials and employees throughout the University. Moreover, these activities are also the thanks of the school leaders for the hard work and dedication of all teachers and employees during the past school year.
                       The Principal took a picture with the union member before departure time ..
At 7am on August 10, 2019, the Principal took a photo with the delegation at the Da Nang Tourism College before departure. Until 10:30 am the same day the delegation arrived in Alba Thanh Tan Tourist Area. This is an extremely attractive tourist destination, especially on hot summer days. Members of the delegation can immerse themselves in the cool water, or enjoy the refreshing moment of bathing in this luxury resort. With the poetic natural landscape, the mineral water spring is taken from the ground, together with human hands, it creates hot and cold mineral baths, artificial lakes with white snow foam create a beautiful scene. shimmering, fanciful, making people immersed in the lakes to forget the heat of the Central Mid-summer, dispel the fatigue after stressful working days.
Visiting and taking souvenir photos at Alba Thanh Tan ..
After that, the delegation started to have lunch at Alba restaurants with rustic dishes, ardent garden flavor, toast to each other, to share their health, talk and share experiences in work and life.
Farewell to Alba Resort, the team returned to Hue City to check in and rest, in the joyful joy, the teachers took photos to preserve the beautiful moments and memories at this place.

At 18:00, the group gathered at Song Huong Floating Restaurant for dinner and then free to visit, admire the city of Hue at night
Perfume River floating restaurant
Enlist Check in West Quarter
Save memories on the Perfume River
The next day, on 11/8/2019, the group moved to Suoi Voi Tourist Area at 11:30 am, the whole group took a rest and had lunch and rest, bathed in the stream, at 4:00 pm, the delegation moved to Lap An Lagoon and ate. Dinner at Be Than Seafood Restaurant, Lang Co, Hue
Ending the journey 2 days 1 night, the delegation parted ways with Lang Co to return to Da Nang city. At the end of the tour, everyone returned safely with a cheerful, relaxed mood, smiles filled with emotion and excitement. The College Union Executive Committee wishes that after the trip of every employee, the employees always try their best to complete the assigned work, and contribute to build the increasingly developing Da Nang Tourism College.
Resource : The College Union Executive Committee

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