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Faculty of Hospitality Administration

Ngày cập nhật: Thứ sáu, 16/08/2019
Faculty of Hospitality Administration
Updated: Friday August 16th, 2019
I. Functions and duties of Faculty of Hospitality management 
The Hospitality Administration faculty is the administrative unit of the college, directly managing and implementing the plan of teaching, learning, scientific research and other educational activities according to the plans and regulations of the college, including:
1. Manage lecturers, faculty members and students;
2. Plan and organize training activities according to college general, including:
2.1. Compile and develop training programs; compile teaching materials and curriculum oriented the school’s development;
2.2. Review training the program and the curriculum to correct and develop them in accordance with the reality;
2.3. Research to improve teaching methods and learning methods, built and implement the methods of testing and assessment of academic outcomes in order to ensure the standard of students’ output and to meet the needs of the industry;
2.4. Manage the quality of teaching and learning: professional management, arrangement of inside-faculty lecturers, invitation of outside-faculty lecturers, examination and report of the teaching volume of faculty members, follow the teaching regulations;
2.5. Make annually activity plan of the faculty as school-oriented 
2.6. Plan and organize the scientific research activities, cooperate with companies related to the training industry and mobilize the participation of companies in the training process of the faculty;
2.7. In collaboration with the Department of Training, Science Administration and International Collaboration to organize compensatory classes and relearn classes; coordinate with Department of Assessment and Education Quality Assurance to organize final tests;
3. Assign lecturers to be master teachers, assess and classify students based on periodical reports at the end of semester and school-year-end. On the basis of quality of training, propose changes to improve the quality of training;
4. Make plan of training, internship, practical improvement for lecturers in the faculty; introduce good teachers to the college to recruit or invite;
5. Be in charge of payment procedure for lecturers in the faculty and invited teachers from outside. 
6. Manage and use facilities and equipment effectively, propose plan for buying and maintaining facilities and equipment;
7. Report as prescribed.
II. The Hospitality Administration faculty is in charge of 4 groups:
1. Front office group;
2. Room division group;
3. Food and beverages services group;
4. Bartender group.
III. Functions and Responsibilities 
The four groups are professional units in the department, directly implement and be responsible for academic, training, scientific researches and other work assigned by the school, includes:
1. Implement the content, quality, teaching progress of teaching and learning of some subjects in the college training program and teaching plan;
2. Build and improve the course content, compile the curriculum, lectures and references relating to the subject groups;
3. Plan and organize training activities (teaching, practice, internship...) for subjects that are administered by the Department;
4. Ensure the implementation of content, programs, teaching progress and learning progress of the subjects;
5. Implement the task of testing and assessment of teaching quality in the group. Organize group’s meeting in order improve teaching quality.
to ensure the standard of students’ output and to meet the needs of the industry
6.  Carry out scientific researches related profession;
7. Offer training course, practical course to improve lecturers’ qualification.
8. Be responsible for inviting outside-lecturers;
9. Manage facilities and equipment in groups; 
10. Implement other duties assigned by the department and Rector.