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International Cooperation Newsletter May 2019

Ngày cập nhật: Thứ bảy, 07/09/2019
Updated: 28-05-2019
After the success in April, Danang tourism college also has lots of activities for the month of "international cooperation”- May such as meeting, cooperation programs… that provides opportunities in learning and paid internship at hotels and companies in Singapore, Japan and Korea.
At the beginning of May, Danang tourism college has a meeting with Kyodai on program “trainees of special skills for graduated students in major of Hospitality”. In this program, students can work in Japanese-standard Hotels and resorts with high salary up to VND 30,000,000 and professional workplace. In addition, students also get benefit from workers policies. This program is in process of completion and will be carried out in 2020.
on May 10h, DVTC is in the honor to welcome representatives from NCHR.JSC to visit and offer cooperation program called “Skillful internship” in tourism. The program assists students in improving soft skills and vocational skills in companies in Japan. The students attending the program will get offer of the high salary and complimentary Japanese course until they get N4.
Next, on the 15th, DVTC also received offer from Switzerland “sustainable tourism” with the goals to co-operate, co-plan to assist students with vocational psychology as well as skill before graduating from the college. Mr. Mortiz Fichtl – Project Manager from GFA group will give a hand in making students’ dream come true via supplying vocational training documents and short courses in site.
on the same day, representatives from Jeonju University from Korea visit DVTC. They bring us the international upgrade program with 60 various majors and 1000 professional lecturers and managers. The University of Jeonju is one of the top qualified universities in IT. The University offers the co-operated program such as “2+1+2” and “3+1” for college students. Besides, Jeonju University offer the scholarship, financial policy support, part time job…
On May 27th, surprising visiting from Okayama associate – Japan bring job opportunities for college and graduated students. Income could be up to VND 1.6 million per day, equal to VND 40 million per month. The program brings much more benefits to students compared to the other labor attraction program in Japan.

Mrs. Nguyen Thi Hong

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