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Paid internship and personal development opportunities in Japan thorough ‘Skills Training for Tourism’ program

Ngày cập nhật: Thứ ba, 28/05/2019

On  May10th 2019, Danang Tourism College had the honour to welcome representatives from Human Resource Development Ltd. (NCHR.JSC). The meeting was successful with initiatives for strategic and sustainable cooperation between the two sides. The initiatives aims to fulfill professional Tourism skills required for students to work in tourism industry and create opportunities for learning, getting first-hand experience in the job market and developing personal skills, followed by professional skills in Japanese Companies.


Having a great appreciation for the facilities at the Danang Tourism College (DVTC), On 25th May 2019, NCHR.JSC invited representatives from the Association of Tourism Companies in Japan to visit and interact with DVTC students. These representatives gave opportunities on paid internship programs at Japanese-qualified hotels and restaurants, through either the ‘Skills Training for Tourism’ programs for students who are still doing their courses, or ‘Labour Export’ program, which has guaranteed contract to protect the benefits of employees, for students who have graduated or are graduating.


Representatives from Tourism Business Association in Japan visit and interact with students

In addition, NCHR.JSC leaders and administrators are planning to support students learning Japanese totally free at school. The representatives are trying to complete as soon as possible and will announce the details of the program soon. Do not forget to follow the fanpage to update related admissions news!

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