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Introduction to the Information and Library Center

Ngày cập nhật: Chủ nhật, 11/08/2019
Introduction to the Information and Library Center

1 Information Task, Library
a. Advising on the development of the Center's long-term, short-term and annual work plans and to organize the coordination of the entire information system, documents and libraries in the University; building a plan to develop the Center into a center of information, materials and science in the direction of modernization;
b. Advisingto develop plans and organize the implementation of IT applications, projects, programs to meet the University's development requirements;
c. Expanding cooperation, exchanging experience and exchanging information, materials and data with domestic and foreign libraries, gradually modernizing information, documents and libraries;
d. Supplementing, developing and updating domestic and foreign information resources to meet the University's needs for teaching, learning, scientific research and technology transfer; collect documents published by the University (if any), pre-accepted scientific researches, seminar documents, training programs, curricula, lectures, other types of documents of School; sponsorship publications, donations, donations and documents exchanged between domestic and international libraries; dd. Organize the processing, arrangement, storage and management of documents; building appropriate search system, establis
đ. Organizing the processing, arrangement, storage and management of documents; building appropriate search system, establishing access networks and automatic search of information; building databases  ; access networks and automatic search of information; building databases;
e. Instructing readers to exploit, search, and effectively use local and online resources and information-library products and services through library services in accordance with regulations of the library. The school and the law;
g. Organizeinga periodic inventory of the Center's documents, facilities and other assets, and purify out of backward and damaged documents according to the regulations of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. .
2. Information Technology Mission
a. Advising the Rector on the direction of information technology infrastructure development, application of information technology for management, training and scientific research;
b. Building regulations on organization, management, operation and exploitation of information technology infrastructure, network applications and services for the University in accordance with the approved plan; 
c. Building plans, maintaining and maintaining network systems and facilities related to computer systems; troubleshoot technical problems of computers, networks and internal phones; The management and operation of the school's computer and foreign language classrooms ensures the continuous and smooth operation of the system and is responsible for the management of all the school's electronics and technology.
d. Managing the network and Internet, E-office connection of the University, ensuring information security for the entire network and information data on the University's network.
đ. Establishing regulations on network connection and data exchange within the school network.
e. Managing and implementing communication activities on the website (website, Facebook) of the University; coordinate with school units to update information and manage information. Put the content of the website approved by the Editorial Director on the website. 
3. Short-term training and fostering missions and business relations
a. Advising the Principal on the organization, management, short-term training and fostering with training institutions, universities, career associations, domestic and international enterprises ... in association with demand of society in accordance with the law;
b. Making training plans on the basis of training contracts with organizations and individual learners as assigned by the Principal and organizing the implementation of training and retraining plans after they are approved;
c. Coordinatingwith partners to develop training program content in line with the actual needs of organizations and individuals;
d. Advising the Rector in associating with businesses in all aspects to contribute to improving the quality of training of the University;
đ. Surveying and assessing training needs, using labor of society, being a bridge connecting the relationship between the University and enterprises;
e. Coordinating with faculties arranging lecturers according to the approved plan;
f. Visiting, practicing for learners as prescribed.
4. Other duties
a. Managing assets, materials, finance (if any) and human resources of the Center, in accordance with the law; 

Translated by Nguyen Hoang Uyen Phuong
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