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Ngày cập nhật: Chủ nhật, 11/08/2019
Department of Student Affairs has the following functions and duties:
1. Tasks of managing students
a. Assisting the Principal in student management, checking the routine implementation, monitoring for students to self-study, participate in cultural activities, arts, sports, service activities and other activities outside learning time;
b. Proposing to implement policies for students, proposing rewarding and disciplining students;
c. Advising the Rector on guidelines and measures to organize activities for comprehensive management and education for the college's students;
d. Organizing the management of students in accordance with the student work regulations issued by the Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs; presiding over the assessment and classification of students according to regulations;
đ. Organizing the implementation of ideological political education for students; Proactively grasping the development of political thought and awareness of students to promptly propose solutions to the Principal;

e. Organize annual dialogues between the Rector and students;
f. Presiding over the implementation of the policies of students in accordance with the law;
g. Coordinating with the Youth Union to organize activities for students; Organize the propagation, dissemination and education of laws on traffic safety, prevention of crime, drugs, prostitution, HIV / AIDS and other activities related to students; guiding students to comply with laws and regulations of the College.
h. Researching the labor recruitment needs of enterprises, job counseling for students;
i. Managing student records; Performing health insurance, body insurance for students;
k. Implementing the admission of newly enrolled students, organizing and appointing the staff of the provisional student class (monitor, deputy class) at the beginning of the course, making student card;
l. Organizing scientific research for students to take part in;
m. Joining in the recruitment counseling.
2. Dormitory management task 
a. Carrying out the management of boarding areas according to the regulations of the Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs;
b. Arranging boarding accommodation for students according to the plan approved by the Principal; implementing the registration of temporary residence, temporary absence of students; organizing the inspection of compliance with internal rules of students' residence; collecting money for electricity, water, room and board of students;
c. Managing and preserving facilities assigned by the College to serve food, accommodation and daily life of the students in dormitories;
d. Managing the demographics, household registration, closely coordinating with the Department to organize the reception and arrangement for students to stay in the dormitory in accordance with the standards and regulations of the College;
dd. Organizing thorough implementation of solutions to implement the school's rules and regulations to ensure political security, order and security, fire and explosion prevention and environmental sanitation in the dormitory area;
e. Grasping the thoughts, aspirations and thought of students, promptly report to the college administrators;
f. Collaborating with local authorities, functional agencies, political and social organizations to carry out work related to student management as assigned by the college;
g. Collaborating with the college health to organize activities to ensure environmental sanitation, disease prevention in the dormitory;
h. Directly handling within the scope of functions and duties of the dormitary Management Board or proposing to handle cases of students who violate internal rules and regulations; proposing rewarding for students with excellent achievements in participating in the management, protection, maintenance of security, order and sanitation of the dormitory. Being well-organized the autonomy movement for students in dormitory;
i. Coordinating with functional departments, faculties and mass organizations to organize cultural, arts and sports activities for students in dormitories;
k. Acting as a focal point to manage and effectively exploit the services of the dormitory;
l. Organizing to watch the dormitory 24 hours / day.
3. Tasks of managing, exploiting and providing service activities
a. Being responsible for managing and providing service activities to meet the needs of students of the College and other organizations and individuals such as Canteen, Sports, laundry area and service activities. other revenues in the college ... .;
b. Planning to organize effective exploitation of service activities. Collaborating with local businesses in the implementation of service activities.
4. Other duties
a. Managing and using effectively the types of assets, equipment and human resources assigned by the College;
b. Performing statistical reporting as prescribed;
c. Performing other duties as assigned by the Principal.