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Faculty of Food Processing Administration

Ngày cập nhật: Thứ sáu, 16/08/2019
Faculty of Food Processing Administration has the following functions and tasks:
1. Managing lecturers, employees and learners under the Department according to the assignment of the Principal;
2. Plan and organize the implementation of training activities under the University's general plan, including:
2.1. Building and developing training programs according to the development orientation of the University; organize the compilation of curricula, subjects, lectures and reference materials related to the subject group assigned by the Principal;
2.2. Regularly revise programs and curricula to develop plans and revise programs and textbooks on the basis of research on improvement and supplementation to regularly renovate training programs and curricula suitable to reality;
2.3. Organizing research to improve teaching and learning methods; formulating and implementing methods of examining and evaluating students' learning and training results, ensuring learners' output standards and meeting the enterprises' use demands;
2.4. Managing teaching and learning quality within the scope of the Department of Management: Professional management, allocation of faculty members, inviting visiting lecturers for the University's training systems; Check and report the teaching volume of lecturers of the Department; Implement teaching regulations of lecturers;
2.5. Develop the annual operation plan of the Department in accordance with the orientation of the University;
2.6. Planning and organizing the implementation of scientific research activities, cooperating with businesses related to the training industry and mobilizing the participation of enterprises in the training process of the Department;
2.7. Coordinating with the Office of Training, Scientific Management and International Cooperation to organize make-up and re-study courses; coordinate with the Testing and Education Quality Assurance Department to organize examinations and final exams for students;
3. Assigning lecturers of the Department to be the head teacher (GVCN) classes; evaluate and classify the learning and training results of students under the Department of Management through periodic reports of teachers of vocational teachers according to semester and school year. Based on the quality of training, propose changes to improve the quality of training;
4. Planning training, retraining, practical training to improve professional qualifications for lecturers of the Department; Identify and recommend excellent lecturers to the University to recruit organic lecturers or invite as visiting lecturers;
5. Planning and organizing training activities (teaching, practice, practice, practice ...) for the subjects managed by the Department;
6. Ensuring the implementation of the contents, programs, and schedule of teaching and learning for subjects subject to regulations;
7. Carry out examination and assessment of teaching quality of lecturers in the Department. Organizing the Department's activities on the training program content to improve the training quality;
8. Take main responsibility for inviting lecturers to teach lectures in subjects taught by the Department;
9. Implementing procedures for payment of teaching fees for visiting lecturers and overtime money for lecturers of the Department;
10. Managing and effectively using material facilities and training equipment according to regulations; propose, develop additional plans and maintain equipment of the unit;
11. Implement the reporting regime as prescribed.