Opening ceremony of first academic year of 2019-2020

Post date: Thứ bảy, 28/09/2019
Opening ceremony of first academic year of 2019-2020
In the morning of September 19th,2019, Danang Vacational Tourism College celebrate opening ceremony of first academic year of 2019-2020 in front area of block A.
The scene before the celebration
      Honor attendants are representatives of agencies, departments, branches and unions; of enterprises who bring scholarship to students; of press agencies; Principal and all Heads of departments, lecturers, officials, staffs and around 3000 students of Danang Vocational Tourism College. 
The performance of the new students to celebrate the opening ceremony of the school year 2019-2020.

At the beginning, Mr. Le Duc Trung, principal, has a speech to welcome new academic year. Admitting and re-evaluating previous academic year of 2018-2019, all of us get good results on over fields, which create stable basement for next developing period of DVTC. Besides, the school’s facilities to support teaching and learning is increased by various additional insource. 
         Thầy Ths. Lê Đức Trung - Hiệu trưởng đọc diễn văn khai giảng năm học mới
Mr. Le Duc Trung – Principal is with his speech in the opening ceremony of new academic year.

In the speech, Mr. Trung – Principal show his honor to welcome delegates, representatives as well as new over 900 first-year students and other 2nd year and last-year students to attend the ceremony.
The principal has report shortly enrollment results, training enhancing which are achieved in last academic year of 2018-2019 and suggest key mission for the new one of 2019-2020.
Ms. Ha Thi Vy – Deputy principal also has the speech to report general result of last academic year and suggest new mission for new the one of 2019-2020.
Ms. Ha Thi Vy – Deputy principal
Cũng trong dịp này, Cô Ngô Thị Minh Hoa Trưởng Phòng Hành Chính Tổng hợp đọc quyết địnhcủa Hiệu trưởng đã Quyết định khen thưởng cho các tân sinh viên có tổng điểm xét tuyển cao nhất trong kỳ tuyển sinh năm học 2019 – 2020. Và các suất học bổng khác cho sinh viên vượt khó học khá, giỏi do các đơn vị du lịch ở Đà Nẵng hỗ trợ, trao tặng như: Công ty Vinpearl tại Đà Nẵng, Công ty CP Dịch vụ Cáp treo Bà Nà, Ngân hàng NN PT NT quận Ngũ Hành Sơn, Thanh Tân Resort Huế, Công ty Gas Petrolimex Đà Nẵng, Phú Thịnh Boutique Resort and Spa, Khách sạn Raon Đà Nẵng, Công viên Suối khoáng nóng Núi Thần Tài Công ty TNHH Phát triển Nam Hội An...

In this occasion, Ms. Ngo Thi Minh Hoa – Head of General Administrative Department read the award decision signed by Principal to recommend new students who got top highest results in last enrollment. There are also scholarship for those whose living conditions are poor but getting high studying results. These scholarships are sponsored by hospitality and tourism agents such as Vinpearl Danang, Ba Na Hills, Agribank-Ngu Hanh Son brach, Hue Thanh Tan Resort, Dannang Petrolimex, Phu Thinh Boutique Resort and Spa, Raon Danang Hotel, South Hoi An complex, est.
Ms. Ngo Thi Minh Hoa – Head of General Administrative Department

With such previous results and achievement, DVTC will continue try our best to improve and complete the training equipment, promote enhancing training quality of lecturer, changing new training and evaluating methods, looking at limitation, which make Danang Vocation Tourism College become the top qualified vocational training center in Danang and expanding to central area in the future.

Some image of HOD of agents coming to provide scholarship to the listed students.

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