Message from the Principal

Post date: Thứ bảy, 13/07/2019

The Principal’s Message


Welcome to Danang Tourism College (DVTC)

      Danang Tourim College is the public college under the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. The College is established with the objectives of training in tourism sector, providing well-qualified human resources in tourism in Danang City, the Central and Highland Vietnam as well as the whole country.   
      With the source of dynamic, enthusiastic, experienced lecturers with regular training in Vietnam and in tourism-developed countries such as: Australia, Luxemburg, Malaysia, etc., the programs at DVTC are according to regional as well as international standards and close to the social demands; Modern practice rooms with the European standard and the extended international cooperation with tourism colleges in Malaysia, Australia, Luxembourg, Singapore, etc. have been creating an absolutely efficient teaching experience exchange for DVTC.         
     DVTC sets its own mission of “Training what the society needs, not what the college currently possesses”, leading to the training of college students with good ethical qualities, standard manners as well as proficient knowledge and skills, thereby assisting students in confidently starting a business, having more career opportunities, settling their jobs and lending a hand to build up the nation. 
      All cadres, lecturers and students of DVTC, with high sense of responsibilities and restless efforts, enthusiasm, dynamism, creation in learning and working, shall build up a college as a place “where your skills shape your careers”.
Best regards,



Mr. Le Duc Trung, MBA