General introduction

Post date: Thứ bảy, 13/07/2019
I/General introduction :
+ Name of the college: TRƯỜNG CAO ĐẲNG DU LỊCH ĐÀ NẴNG
+ Name in English Danang Vocational Tourism College
+ Headquarter Nam Ky Khoi Nghia Street, Group 69 – Hoa Hai Ward, Ngu Hanh Son District, Danang City
Cơ sở 2: 58 Phan Châu Trinh, Quận Hải Châu, Tp.Đà Nẵng - (0236) 3 957.958
+ Tel. No 0236.3 957 957
+ Fax: 0236. 3 957 956
+Area: 50.000 m(5 ha)
II/ Establishment, functions, duties, strategies for development: 
+ Establishment:
Danang Vocational Tourism College was established according to Decision No 1310/QĐ-LĐTBXH on 16 October 2009 by the Ministry of Labour – Invalids and Society.
Danang Vocational Tourism College was changed into Danang Tourism College according to Decision No 330/QĐ-LĐTBXH on 14 March 2017  by the Ministry of Labour – Invalids and Society.
+ Functions :
-  Being a state college;
-  Being directly managed by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism;
-  Being governmentally managed in terms of vocational education and training by the Ministry of Labour – Invalids and Society;
-  Training and fostering the human resources; developing the human resources with three-year diploma, two-year diploma and elementary occupations for Danang tourism, the Central -  Western Highlands and the whole country.
+ Duties:
-  Training the human resources with three levels: three-year (college), two-year (intermediate) and no more than one year (elementary)
-  Training the human resources for the vocational schools, organizations, enterprises of tourism -  Being one of the tourism assessment centers of Vietnam.
-  Collaborating training for issuing international certificates of the tourism schools in the world.
-  Enhancing the cooperation with the tourism businesses in order to match the training at the college and that at the enterprise.
- Organizing scientific research, aligning training with service support research suitable for training majors for the businesses.
-  Developing collaboration relationship to take advantage of the supports of the countries in order to improve the efficiency and quality of the training
- Efficiently managing and using the resources of the college efficiently, strictly abide by the regimes, policies and laws of the state.
+  Strategies for development of the college by 2020 :
- Making Danang Tourism College the model of  high-quality tourism training.
- Having modern equipment for practice meeting the needs of teaching and learning.
-  Having 80-100 % teachers sent to train abroad.
-  Inheriting, referring and applying the advanced syllabi, textbooks, methodologies from the tourism colleges in the country and in the world, building electronic library and textbooks.
-  Collaborating training with the tourism schools from the other countries to issue international certificates
-  Being one of the tourism assessment centers of Vietnam