Administration of the resort


TRAINING DURATION: 2.5 years (5 semesters)

1.    General introduction about the Resort Management profession

Resort management is closely connected with the main responsibility of directly managing the daily activities of the departments; directly and indirectly serving tourists such as receptionists, accommodations, restaurants, food processing, and entertainment services, spa services, accounting, sales and marketing, human resources, ... The scope of work and specific tasks of the day, week and month of the Resort vary in different size, rank, and ordinary features. However, the most common tasks of the Resort management profession include: managing the entire operation of the Resort (general management), managing the chamber department, managing the reception department, managing the food processing department, entertainment service management, administrative personnel management, sales and marketing management, facilities and technology management, financial management, safety and security management, Landscape of garden management and Villa Management - this is the new job position arising during the career analysis process that appears the butler position of the villa area in the Resort Management.

Resort Management requires workers to perform jobs from low to high level. To perform the tasks of Resort Management, first of all, employees must perform well the direct service to customers. In addition, the profession of Resort Management requires employees to have the ability to direct and supervise the inspection of the above tasks and have a foreign language level suitable for each level of management.
The jobs of the profession are mainly performed at the departments of the Resort or business establishments, so the environment and working conditions are favorable, ensuring safety, hygiene and health. The working intensity is not high, but it is subject to high pressure on service time and requires the satisfaction of diverse tourists. In order to perform well the tasks, it is necessary to ensure the essential working conditions such as house architecture and rational planning of resort area, garden landscape, security and safety of all kinds of equipment, tools conforming to the standards of each job; administration software; good communication system; and there are internal regulations on service delivery and management standards.

In order to practice, workers must be in good health, have an appropriate appearance, good professional ethics, and have sufficient professional knowledge and skills to meet the job position. In addition, it is necessary to regularly study to improve the ability to communicate in foreign languages, expand social knowledge; practice carefulness, detail and clarity; build career awareness and passion for the job.

2. About Knowledge
a. Basic knowledge: Identify basic knowledge about politics, law and social culture, computer, National defense and security education, Physical education.
b. Basic knowledge of the profession
- Designed to select additional subjects related to the tourism industry such as: Tourism overview, psychology and communication skills, service management, culinary culture, food and nutrition, norms & menus, travel marketing, payment operations, ....

- Describe the basic business processes of the Resort: reception, accommodations, restaurants, food processing, spa, sports, entertainment and clubs in the Resort; List and explain the methods and ways of selling products of the Resort; Describe the principles of site layout and equipment requirements of the Resort;
- Present general principles of management and principles, content or process of human resource management, marketing management, facilities management, financial management, management of resort services;

3. Skills
- Strictly comply with the customer service process at the positions of the reception, housekeeping, restaurant, kitchen or conference, seminar, spa, entertainment area according to the standards of each Resort; take care of customers and solve customer complaints effectively
- Prepare a plan, check and supervise the implementation of such departments as: marketing plan; staffing plan; plans on procurement of equipment, tools, supplies and materials; conference, seminar, or event plan; calculating the targets of the financial plan, ....
- Communicate effectively with customers in Vietnamese and English, in accordance with the requirements of customer service at reception, accommodations, restaurants, conference / seminar areas or entertainment and spa areas;

4. The degree of autonomy and responsibility
- Love the job, have a sense of discipline, industrial manner and a high sense of responsibility at work. Be honest and proactive in overcoming difficulties in work. Work independently, work in teams. Be agile, meticulous, careful and objective.
- Respect customers, care and persuade customers.
- Cooperate with colleagues and partners.
- Have ability to update knowledge and creativity at work

5. Job position after graduation
After graduating from the college-level training program, students can take the following positions:
- Lobby staff; Restaurant staff staff; Chamber department staff; Sales and marketing staff; Professional staff in the sports, entertainment or spa department;
- Supervisor of reception; Restaurant supervisor; Supervisor of chamber department.
- Head of lobby; Head of the restaurant department; Head of accommodations at hotels from 1 to 5 stars.
- Hotel director from 1 to 3 stars.

6. The ability to study, improve the level
Students have potential for development and adaptability, and the ability to continue on-going learning to a higher level for tourism and hotel related profession.
7. Learning duration
Duration: 2.5 years divided into 5 semesters, including 2 field trips / internships at tourism businesses from 3-4 months to create conditions for students to work at the enterprise as a real employee.
8. Successful former students


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