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This is a good set of textbooks that are popular with many students who take the TOEIC test themselves. This textbook has been built and fully completed by TOEIC teachers and professional native teachers to help you achieve the desired score.

Tomato Toeic Compact Part 1 & 2 by Lee Hyejeong, Park Juhui, John Boswell, Henrry Amen IV published by Nhan Tri Viet Co., Ltd.. The book has recently been considered as a useful TOEIC test preparation book in the current market focusing on Listening skills part 1 & 2. This is an " important secret" of listening practice that candidates should learn to easily improve their listening skills.
  • Lesson 1: Vocabulary related to shopping, restaurant  
  • Lesson 2: Vocabulary related to traffic, construction
  • Lesson 3: Vocabulary related to workplace, freetime
  • Lesson 4: Passive voice expressions s
  • Lesson 5: Presenting method
  • Lesson 6: Questions for information searching – questions using interrogative words
  • Lesson 7: Questions for the fact verification
  • Lesson 8: Expressions for suggestion and request
  • Lesson 9: Expressions for the answers
  • Lesson 10: Answer traps
  • Actual Test 01
  • Actual Test 02
  • Actual Test 03
  • Actual Test 04
  • Actual Test 05
  • Actual Test 06
  • Actual Test 07
  • Actual Test 08
  • Actual Test 09
  • Actual Test 10
  • Actual Test 11
  • Actual Test 12
  • Actual Test 13
  • Actual Test 14
  • Actual Test 15
Through data analysis of questions that have appeared in TOEIC recently, including questions that have frequently appeared in New TOEIC over the past 6 years, the book has provided question types of part 1 & 2 as well as the most efficient tactics which has been verified. The Tomato TOEIC Compact 1 & 2 is your indispensable companion in order to confidently pass Part 1 and Part 2 of the New TOEIC Test. This book will help you know what pitfalls are lurking at you when taking the New TOEIC Part 1 & 2, frequently asked questions and situations in Part 1 and Part 2 and also the contents of Part 1 (including 20% in shopping_restaurants + 30% in traffic construction + 50% in workplace_free time).
Characteristics of Tomato Toeic compact part 1 & 2
  • Lessons are focused on important parts
  • Common systematic expressions
  • Actual questions which have been carefully selected
Tomato Toeic Compact Part 1 & 2 assists learners in accomplishing the following goals:
- Learning practical strategies for doing the actual tests.
Just focusing on the core content in Part 1 & 2 of TOEIC Listening, then you shall increase your communication skills in reality and improve your score.
- Accumulating background knowledge of listening through pronunciation and vocabulary learning.
Let’s learn and practice answering questions regarding vocabulary on each topic that appears in each part. Because the texbook focuses on various types of pronunciation in accordance with the pronunciation structure applied in the actual TOEIC test (such as English, American, Australian… accents), you are not only familiar with the meaning of the words but also familiar with pronunciation of these accents.
Practicing for exams which are closely with TOEIC test format.
Even if you listen to content you have never heard before, don't give up, but try to answer questions as if you are taking the actual exam to test how much your ability has improved. At the end of the book there are Scripts & Answers so you can compare the results you have done. In addition, you will receive advice and experience to effectively practice listening.
Tomato TOEIC Compact Part 1 & 2 is selected and highly appreciated by TOEIC test takers because of its efficiency and useful content. In order to compile this book, the authors who are also the TOEIC exam teachers have taken the TOEIC test various times to find out the actual shortcomings that students often encounter in combination with professional native English teachers who specialize in TOEIC test. This helps to build up and make the TOEIC practice textbook perfect in order to help you practice TOEIC test effectively and get desired scores.
Let Tomato Toeic Compact Part 1 & 2 textbooks help you perfect your listening skills. The book is currently available at the Library of Danang Vocational Tourism College. Welcome teachers and students to visit the library and read this helpful book.
Best regards.
Nguyen Thi Thanh Nhung - Faculty of Foreign Languages

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