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VERY EASY TOEIC Books - The foundation for beginners

Ngày cập nhật: Thứ ba, 02/02/2021
Title: Very easy TOEIC Author: Anne Taylor and Garett Byrne Publisher: First New
The book consists of 12 lessons selected on the topics that often appear in the TOEIC exam, 1 sample test that looks like the actual TOEIC test format and the support section, in addition to the tapescript of the CD, there are keys and detailed explanations for multiple choice questions.
Grammar points are presented briefly and completely at the basic level of concept and application of grammar points, with accompanying examples.
Each lesson in Very easy TOEIC includes vocabulary, a very detailed grammar guide with example exercises and a small test.
Vocabulary section:
- Listening: Through practice with simple listening exercises, learners will be provided with common vocabulary on the TOEIC test.
- Reading: Comparative exercises in Very easy TOEIC help learners distinguish words that are easy to cause confusion.
Instructions and grammar exercises:
This guide will outline the grammar points that often appear on the TOEIC tests. Starting each lesson is a brief explanation of what grammar content will be included in the lesson, including key points of the content. The lessons in very easy TOEIC will also provide a range of exercises that are prepared according to the TOEIC test questionnaire standards to help apply the knowledge of the topic of grammar you have learned.
A mini test
This section will give students a test with the same form of questions as in the real TOEIC test. With the very easy TOEIC test, learners can not only refine their grammar topic and practice reflexes and become familiar with the types of multiple-choice questions that will be included in the TOEIC test.
Sample test:
The sample test in the textbook allows students to take a TOEIC test with standard length and low level. Learners get acquainted with the new format of the TOEIC test with 100 Listening questions and 100 Reading questions.
Support section – Tapescript and keys:
The support section includes references to the chapters of very easy TOEIC, including verbal tape reading of the TOEIC standard test for listening exercises in each lesson and sample test, detailed answers for each lesson and a sample test, and a sample answer sheet when taking the sample test.
Referrer: Pham Thi Mai - Lecturer of Faculty of Foreign Languages

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