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TOEIC is not difficult when TOMATO COMPACT LISTENING is available!

Ngày cập nhật: Thứ ba, 27/08/2019
Books are an indispensable source of knowledge for human beings. If you want to study well, you need to have accurate reference materials of course, especially for TOEIC exam preparation, this becomes even more and more necessary. However, all that help you prepare for the most effective TOEIC test get the best results is you RIGHT choice.
On the market today, TOEIC exam preparation books are published and introduced a lot, which makes you confused about what kind of books will suits your current level. The wonder how to choose the suitable TOEIC test preparation books will be your concern which seems hard to be shortly solved. TOMATO COMPACT LISTENING is the best review for the TOEIC test.
TOMATO COMPACT LISTENING written by Kim Jiyeon, Kim Hakin, Lee Miyeong, Lee Eungyu, Andrew E. Bennette, John Boswell and published by Nhan Tri Viet Co., Ltd. It is evaluated as a support book, especially about listening skills on the market today. This is a "TIP" listening practice book that candidates should learn to easily solve their listening skills.
  • Actual Test 1
  • Actual Test 2
  • Actual Test 3
  • Actual Test 4
  • Actual Test 5
  • Dictation
  • Scripts & Answers
  • Answer Sheet
TOMATO COMPACT LISTENING helps learners accomplish the following goals:
-          Learn strategies for doing the actual test properly.
Just focusing on the key content among 4 parts of TOEIC Listening can help you increase your ability to communicate in practice and improve your score.
-          Accumulate background knowledge of listening skill through pronunciation and vocabulary learning.
Learn and practice answering vocabulary questions on each topic that appears in each part. Due to the fact that the syllabus focuses on many types of pronunciation in accordance with the pronunciation structure applied in the actual TOEIC test (such as English, American, Australian accents...), you are not only familiar with the meaning of the words but also familiar with pronunciation of many accents. Know the important pronunciation of native speakers like linguistic - typical English pronunciation.
-        Do practice tests is closely the same as the TOEIC exam structure.
Even if you listen to the content you've never heard before, don't give up, try to answer questions like you're taking the real exam to test how much your ability has improved.
Tomato TOEIC Compact Listening provides you with 5 TOEIC listening tests that are close to the real exam to help you consolidate the knowledge you have learned and practiced with the real test set to evaluate your level and skills. At the end of the book, there are Scripts & Answers so that you can compare the results you have done. In addition, you will receive advice and experience to practice listening effectively.
TOMATO COMPACT LISTENING is selected and highly appreciated by the TOEIC test takers because of its excellent efficiency and content. In order to compile this book, the authors; who are native English speaking teachers as well as TOEIC exam teachers who have taken the TOEIC exam many times to find out the practical shortcomings that students often encounter. In the aim of helping you build and perfect your TOEIC effectively and get the desired score.
Let TOMATO COMPACT LISTENING curriculum help you perfect listening skills which makes any student feel shy. The book is currently available at the Library of Danang Tourism College. The library is always ready to serve teachers and students to read.
Best regards.
Nguyen Thi Thanh Nhung - Faculty of Foreign Languages

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