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Ngày cập nhật: Thứ ba, 02/02/2021
In the integration time and globalization trend as nowadays, learning foreign languages has been a tendency to the youth. Learning English will help you get more opportunities for finding jobs and getting promoted. If you only know your mother tongue, you may lose a chance to work in a multilingual company and reduce competitiveness with the other candidates who experts in a foreign language.
Learners can choose among different learning programs which are suitable for their demands and purposes. To the students of vocational colleges, learning TOEIC is appropriate. This is a test to evaluate the competence of using English in everyday English by those who live and work in international environment. Until now, TOEIC has been the most popular test of assessing English competence in the world.
During the time of practicing TOEIC, the learners may have a lot of difficulties. To help them get success, the Faculty of Foreign Languages would like to recommend the book “Test-giving habit and tips for avoiding TOEIC traps” by Ms Hoa (copyright of MCBooks issued by Hanoi National University Publishing House.
This book is written for learners at Elementary level. It focuses on Grammar and Vocabulary, which contains popular topics for TOEIC tests. Moreover, the author presents Actual test at the end of the book for them to do.
The book has two chapters. Chapter 1 focuses on the following grammatical topics: Traps on Tenses, Subject-verb agreement, Passive voice, Relative clause, Conditionals. Chapter 2 contains the lexical topics such as Traps on Adjectives, Adverbs, Nouns, Verbs, Pronouns, Conjunctions, Prepositions.
For each topic, the author introduces test-giving habits with examples. Then she analyzes them to help learners access the questions and find solutions to answer. For example, for the traps for tenses, she analyzes test-giving habits with Present simple, Present Continuous, Present Perfect, Past Simple, etc. For Present Simple, the author gives some test-giving habits to Present Simple as follows:
-         Habit 1: You need to master signals – adverbs of frequency
-         Habit 2: You need to focus on a function that learners often forget or confuse with the function of Future simple, “Refers to a schedule”
-         Habit 3: Some structures you need to  “Learn by heart”
Giving these habits helps the learners identify TOEIC tests and notice signals so that they can find exact answers. At the end of each topic, the author provides short exercises with Keys and clear explanations.
We can say that this is a handbook for the young people who want to practice doing TOEIC tests. Therefore, the book “Test-giving habits and tips for avoiding TOEIC traps – part 5” is not only lecturers of English but for students as a reference book as well as those who want to care this field to develop their English skills. The book is now available at the Library of Danang Vocational Tourism College. The library always welcomes teachers and students.
Best regards.
Do Thi Ninh Thuan - Faculty of Foreign Languages

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