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STARTER TOEIC book for beginners

Ngày cập nhật: Thứ ba, 02/02/2021
Title of book: STARTER TOEIC (3rd Edition) Author: Anne Taylor Casey Malarcher Young publishers (The book has 03 CDs)
I. Overview Introduction 
The STARTER TOEIC book is for beginners. This is a TOEIC exam preparation booklet recommended by most teachers in English language centers for elementary and intermediate levels.

For students who are starting with TOEIC level of 200 or below, this is a very suitable and useful book.
This TOEIC preparation material includes: 12 main lessons, a sample test and other support (reading and answers for exercises). Each exercise in the book includes a vocabulary section, a clear and specific grammar guide, grammar exercises, and a small level test.
The STARTER TOEIC book supports you through practice-focused exercises; at the same time, it provides background knowledge and tips to help you learn well, build the necessary skills. It is important to help you familiarize yourself with the TOEIC test. After completing this course, students can get a score between 250 - 400 depending on the level of study, review and comprehension of each student.
II. How to learn STARTER TOEIC:
To study this book well, you should study grammar first, then do reading exercises to improve vocabulary before learning to listen.
When listening, try to listen a few times before opening the transcript. It is important that you create yourself a habit of having free time is listening to be able to understand and reflect quickly in the head.
III. Contents of the book STARTER TOEIC
This book is divided into 4 parts with 4 different chapters:
Chapter I: Introduce the 12 most important grammar points commonly used in the TOEIC test, along with clear explanations and practice exercises. This is the section for you to begin to familiarize yourself with English grammar, thereby creating a premise to practice and improve other skills. The practical exercises will help you remember the exercises longer and stronger.

Chapter II: This section helps to test your reading comprehension skills with 12 tests. Each lesson helps reinforce a grammar point through natural situations in different contexts. If Chapter I helps you become familiar with and mastering grammar, this chapter will help you consolidate your knowledge and practice reading comprehension skills for you.
Chapter III: Having mastered the knowledge of the first two chapters, this chapter gives you the opportunity to take a full test to assess your ability to what extent. The Practice Test will include 100 questions for each listening section (LC) and reading (RC).
Chapter IV: This is the final chapter of the book. Therefore, this chapter does not contain knowledge or tests, but rather complements the above three sections. Includes Transcript, Answer Key and test paper for the practice test.
IV. Example exercise
This is an example exercise extracted from Unit 6: Comparisons of Chapter 1.
II. Choose the word or phrase that best completes the sentence.
  1. This is much …. than expected.
(A)   well       (B) good             (C) better              (D) best
  1. This jacket is ….. superior to that one.
(A)   far       (B) few                 (C) a few              (D) any
  1. Of all the students, John is the …..
(A)   tall      (B) taller               (C) tallest             (D) most all
  1. This is the ….. class I have ever taken
(A)   difficult    (B) most difficult      (C) more difficult (D) as difficult as
II. Choose the word or phrase that best complete the sentence.
Sunland Travel Specialists
Dear Ms.Miles,
Let me answer your …. about travel insurance. You asked about travel insurance Plan A, Plan B
  1. (A) asking (B) asked (C) question (D) questioning
and Plan B+. We have discontinued Plan A. Plan B does not cover dangerous sports, while Plan B+ covers sports such as hang gliding. Plan B+ is more expensive than plan B, but is the …….
  1. (A) most           (B) goodest (C) more (D) best
V. Link to download the book STARTER TOEIC
Here is the link to download the TOEIC start book, you can download the PDF + Audio section to your tablet, laptop or phone so that you can easily review anywhere, anytime.
PDF Link:
MP3 Link:
CD1: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BwKOvq_5jx76VXc1OGlxSzNJSU0/view
CD2: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BwKOvq_5jx76LXhJaUx1UW1oakk/view
CD3: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BwKOvq_5jx76NlJzRVQ0bVoyUzg/view
The book STARTER TOEIC is a "friend" to assist you in the first steps on the path of conquering your English, especially TOEIC. After thoroughly studying and mastering the knowledge of the book STARTER TOEIC, your TOEIC test scores will range from 200 to 400 points, depending on the level of reading comprehension and hard practice of each person. After completing the book, you can confidently learn higher-level books and documents that are harder to prepare for the real TOEIC test in the future. The book is currently available at the Library of Danang Tourism College. Invite teachers and students to read. 
Good luck!
(Mrs. Quynh Chau - Faculty of Foreign Languages)

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