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Trường cao đẳng du lịch Đà Nẵng


Ngày cập nhật: Thứ ba, 02/02/2021
When a tourist visits a tourist attraction, he should search the information of the hotel he will stay in, the destinations, services, vehicles, conditions of transport as well as gastronomy. In order to make a good impression about a dish or an image of a restaurant, both the food quality by the kitchen staff and service quality by the restaurant staff are equally important.
With the purpose of helping students choose a suitable a book to read, the Faculty of Foreign Languages would like to recommend the book “Spoken English for Restaurant staff” (translated by Nguyễn Thành Yến) which was issued by Ho Chi Minh Publishing House in 2008.
This book is for the learners at Pre-intermediate level. Different from the Food and Beverage books which were recommended before, this book focuses on practicing sentence patterns for communication. Besides, there are activities to consolidate expressions and dialogues for learners to use properly.
This book was bilingually written, therefore it should be used as a reference book, not to be used as a course book. It is divided into 15 units including the situations in the restaurant such as: welcoming guests, taking orders for food and drinks, serving desserts, serving wine and cocktails, paying bills, other situations and so son.
For each unit, the first part which is mentioned is unit focus, then sample dialogues, sentence patterns and finally gap-fill dialogues to help the learners use the patterns flexibly based on situations to practice.

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