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Ngày cập nhật: Thứ ba, 27/08/2019
To equip yourself with knowledge of English, TOEIC is an indispensable choice in the current period. TOEIC has long become a very familiar phrase for young people in Vietnam when most universities, colleges and vocational schools now require a certain number of TOEIC scores as a graduation standard;
Large and small companies and corporations consider the applicant's TOEIC degree as one of the factors when interviewing, it is an indispensable job.
In particular, the content of the reviewing will be very useful for future work such as increasing communication skills and it is also an indispensable requirement that candidates must have before starting to work, especially English communication. Being good at English is almost a compulsory skill in the tourism field, this is also the criteria that most travel companies require.
Economy TOEIC LC1000 of Lim Jung Sub & Noh Jun Hyoung is published by Nhan Tri Viet Co., Ltd., This new book is considered a TOEIC test preparation book focusing on listening skills on the market today. Listening exercises have been presented quite detailed and clear in the book. The Economy TOEIC LC1000 book will provide learners with listening skill with the types of listening material that can appear in actual TOEIC tests and this is also a "secret" listening practice that candidates should learn to easily solve your listening skills.
Economy TOEIC LC1000 helps learners accomplish two main goals:
1. Cultivating vocabulary
2. Developing listening skills
The vocabulary content of TOEIC LC 1000 is mainly about topics of daily activities, such as in the workplace, daily activities, culture, weather, journalism, entertainment, housing, learning, shopping, health, etc. and focus mainly on listening skills. If you are not confident with your listening skills, Economy TOEIC LC1000 book will help you practice your listening.
  1. 1. Listening comprehension
  • Actual Test 1
  • Actual Test 2
  • Actual Test 3
  • Actual Test 4
  • Actual Test 5
  • Actual Test 6
  • Actual Test 7
  • Actual Test 8
  • Actual Test 9
  1. Appendix A - Answer keys and answer explanations
3. Appendix B – Tape scripts
Economy TOEIC LC1000 is a suitable resource for students, training programs or self-study books for all new English learners of all ages. To approach TOEIC effectively, besides being diligent and hard-working, choosing the right study material is also very important, greatly helpful for students. Let the Economy TOEIC LC1000 book help you perfect your listening skills, that any student will be shy. The book is currently available at the Library of Danang Tourism College. The library is always ready to serve teachers and students to read.
Ms Nguyen Hoang Uyen Phuong – Foreign Language Department
Translated by Le Thi Lai

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