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Ngày cập nhật: Thứ ba, 27/08/2019
English is one of the most popular and used languages in the world today. In Vietnam, with the trend of globalization, the need to learn English and learn about this language is also increasing.
However, how to choose and pick up the right books to study English in general, especially English for Hospitality in particular is not easy at all when there are so many books on the market.
To make it more convenient for teachers and students wishing to improve their English in Hospitality, the Faculty of Foreign Languages has selected and recommended the book Hotel English (English for Hospitality) This will be an essential and useful document for those who are passionate about English for Hotels and Restaurants.
The content of the book is suitable for students majoring in Resort Management, Hotel Management, Restaurant Management, Travel Management, Travel Guide etc.
The book is currently available at the Library of Danang Tourism College. The library is always ready to serve teachers and students to read.


Book name: Hotel English

(A Hands-On Course For Hotel Professionals)

(01 students’ Book and  01 CD)

Composed by: LiveABC 
Published by: NXB Tổng hợp TP.HCM
Bookstore: Minh Tâm
1. Phone inquiries: Accommodation and facilities, Locations, Phone reservations
2. Drivers, Doormen and Bellhops: Airport pickup, Receiving guests, Carrying luggage, Hailing taxis
3. Reception: Hotel check-on, Safe-deposit boxes, Handling messages
4. Amenities: Electric appliances, Bathroom, Other amenities
5. Requests for services: Housekeeping & Laundry, Bellhop service, Switchboard, The Front Desk
6. Directions: Directions inside and outside the hotel, Places to visit
7. Tour planning: Tour arrangements, Restaurant recommendations, Bike rentals
8. Handling complaints: Amenity Complaints, Complaint solutions
9. Restaurant/Bar: Reservations, Greeting guests, Bar & food orders, Serving customers
10. Business Center/Event Planning: Business Center hours & services, Meeting and banquets
11. Small Talk: Popular night markets, Local festivals, Tours of Kenting
12. Paying the Bill: Hotel checkout, Asking about and paying the bill
13. Emergencies: Emergency solutions & announcements, Stick or injured guests
14. Job Interviewing: Interview questions, Making a good impression, Résumés & covers letters
Best regards.
Trịnh Thị Quỳnh Châu - Faculty of Foreign Languages

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