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Achieve IELTS 1 Work book provide you with tips for doing each task according to the format of the 4 skills in the IELTS test. For example, Lesson 1 ‘On Course’ introduces the introduction to Speaking Part 1, Writing Task 1, the Reading format, the Listening format ... Each lesson has meticulous analysis along with the example, helping you imagine effective writing strategies.
The book is more about practical exercises with flexible illustrations so that the more advanced you can review, the easier it is for newbies to understand the IELTS test.
You can check the answer at the back to check.
Similar to the study of other books, you start with the study of knowledge combined with practice immediately. Don't study a little and then take a break without practicing. The books provide mostly practical exercises, so the more you practice, the more you will increase your knowledge.
The book is divided into 12 units:
  1. Unit 1:  On course
  2. Unit 2: Campus
  3. Unit 3: Living space
  4. Unit 4: Film society
  5. Unit 5: Bulletin
  6. Unit 6: Energy
  7. Unit 7: Cities
  8. Unit 8: Communication
  9. Unit 9: Fitness and health
  10. Unit 10: Charities
  11. Unit 11: Work
  12. Unit 12: Academic success
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