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BIG STEP 2 Book - Advanced Toeic

Ngày cập nhật: Thứ ba, 02/02/2021
Title of book: BIG STEP 2 Author: Kim Soyeong-park Won Publisher: Ho Chi Minh City General
If you are looking for a book that improves your Toeic skills and strategies for taking the TOEIC test effectively, Big Step 2 is your first choice.
The course consists of 15 lessons selected according to the parts in the test and the strategic lesson for each TOEIC skill, 3 reviews to familiarize the learner with the real TOEIC test form and the support, in addition to words. Reading on CD also has additional answers and detailed explanations for multiple choice questions
Grammar points are presented briefly and completely at the basic level of concept and application of grammar points, with accompanying examples.
Each lesson in Big step goes through grammar points, subject-based vocabulary, reading skills and listening skills with clear and effective strategies and skills to help learners quickly familiarize with the pressure. exams as well as exam skills.
Vocabulary section:
- Listening: Through practice with advanced listening exercises with common types of questions that frequently appear in the test, students will be provided with common listening contexts in the Toeic test.
- Reading: Reading exercises help learners improve their reading skills and reading comprehension skills on the reading TOEIC test level of 600 points or higher.
Instructions and grammar exercises:
This section helps learners to practice advanced grammar exercises to help learners interpret sentence skills and master advanced grammar knowledge to solve the advanced toeic forms of the incomplete sentences and incomplete text sections. TOEIC test
Review section:
The review aims to help learners consolidate their knowledge through the study sessions and assess the level achieved during the skills training. The review test summarizes the skills so it is close to the real test.
Practice tests:

This section will give learners the real exam of the TOEIC exam, not only learners can practice their skills but also practice reflexes, familiarize themselves with the real TOEIC test format at a score of 500 or higher .
Sample test:

The sample test in the textbook allows students to take an advanced TOEIC test, which is suitable for students who set the goal of TOEIC test 400 points or above. Learners get acquainted with the new format of the TOEIC test with 100 Listening questions and 100 Reading questions.
Support section – tapescript and keys:
Support section includes references for Big Step 2 chapters, including verbal tape reading of TOEIC standard test for listening exercises in each lesson and sample test, detailed answers for each lesson and sample papers, and a sample answer sheet when taking the sample test.
Referrer: Pham Thi Mai - Lecturer of Faculty of Foreign Languages

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