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Achieve IELTS 2 English for International Education

Ngày cập nhật: Thứ hai, 02/12/2019
The advanced Achieve IELTS 2 series of books is used for higher level students, range 4.5 - 7.0 IELTS. The lessons are still divided into topics, with a more in-depth approach that helps students improve their vocabulary, grammar and good test tips for better grades. This is a special feature when the learning methods are carefully analyzed in each paragraph in the lesson.
Achieve IELTS 2
English for International Education
Lựa chọn sách học IELTS tốt giúp các em luyện thi hiệu quả hơn, dễ đọc và đem lại hiệu quả cao. Hôm nay, Cô giới thiệu cho các em thêm một bộ sách nữa để luyện tập. Đó là Achieve IELTS 2.
Selecting a good IELTS study book will help you prepare for the test more effectively, easily and effectively. Today, I introduce you one more set of books to practice. That is Achieve IELTS 2.
Book content
In details:
  • Books provide common topics, for example, in the Student Book, in International only, there are sections with Speaking - introduction, completions to Writing Task 1, matching heading ... in Reading Part.
  • Like the other books in the series, students have a good source of practice for each type of lesson because books do not have many lessons, just focus on practice so that students can improve their IELTS level. This is the reason why these books whose difficulty level are only for students around 6.5 and above can learn.
  • The answer behind is to help students check to check their level.
The series is written by language experts, so please rest assured to choose it. Below is a complete set of Achive IELTS books written by three prestigious IELTS examiners from the University of Cambridge, currently available at the Library Information Technology Center and borrowed this useful book to find out information and access to the TOEIC format. Library Information Technology Center is always ready to serve teachers and students to read.
Best regards.
Trần Hoài Hưng - Faculty of Foreign Languages

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