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1000 Listening Comprehension Practice Test Items for the New TOEIC Test dvtc tourism college

Ngày cập nhật: Thứ ba, 27/08/2019
In recent years, TOEIC certificate in Vietnam has been emerged as a more common standard for English proficiency assessment among workers. Due to that fact, DVTC College of Tourism has applied TOEIC into the basic English learning cirriculum for all students. Moreover, studying and preparing and sitting on the TOEIC exam - all of which plays an important role in preparing necessary knowledge for many students and employees.
When you are already equipped with a TOEIC foundation, and want to achieve a higher result, spend time looking into this TOEIC exam preparation material: 1000 Listening Comprehension Practice Test Items for the New TOEIC Test by Jim Lee  published in Ho Chi Minh and Nhat Tri Viet Co., Ltd.
 The content includes 10 listening questions. Each topic consists of 4 parts totaling 100 questions as follows:
Part 1 - Picture description: 10 sentences
Part 2 - FAQ: 30 questions
Part 3 - Short conversation: 30 sentences
Part 4 - Short talk: 40 sentences
This is a TOEIC exam preparation book that you can use in the preparation process before sitting in the official test. This book is composed basing on the same difficulty level as the formal exam, and especially situations, vocabulary, question types, and length of questions / answers almost coincide with the formal exam.
The unique feature of the book is that for each listening session, the script section of the book specifies the information section containing the answer, and also has a 'paraphrasing' section to help learners practice to diversify their expressive skills. .
This book will really work if your TOEIC score is now 600 points and the target is 800, then you can start studying right away with this book. Since this is a single TOEIC preparation material, there is absolutely no guide and tips for doing TOEIC effectively.
Another its advantage is that students do not need to think or look for a way to buy this book, but go to the library of the DVTC’s libarary - the invaluable source of knowledge - to borrow it as your studying materials. With this book, conquering TOEIC is like “eating a piece of cake”.
Best regards./.
Lê Thị Lài - Faculty of Foreign Languages

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