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German hotel management

    Hospitality management (applying the German curriculum)
1. Time and subjects of registration 
- Training time: 3 years to 3.5 years
- Admission subject:
+ Graduates from high school or equivalent, with good behavior and attitude, give priority to those  with fair academic results of grade 12 or higher
+ give priority to those  are with policy beneficiaries;
+ Good foreign language ability, pass the college’s English entrance test 
2. Languages used during learning time
Subjects taught in Vietnamese. In the skill learning courses, students learn English in order to reach either  the level of B1 according to the Common European or an equivalent language accoding to reference framework.
3. Training location
Danang Tourism College, Nam Ky Khoi Nghia, Group 69, Hoa Hai, Ngu Hanh Son, Da Nang.
4. Tuition fee
- Students pay 850,000 VND / month. The increase in tuition fees according to the school year complies with current regulations of the Government.
- All other teaching expenses supported by the Government.
5. Rights and obligations of students
5.1. Interests of students
- Receive financial support for training including English learning;
- Be educated in conditions of standard and modern facilities and equipments;
- Be able to follow higher education in a university in German universities, if you desire, qualify and achieve good graduation results;
- Be recommended in large hospitality businesses in Vietnam, have the opportunity to work abroad in  Germany or countries around the world.
5.2. Obligations of students
- Students and parents commit in writing to complete the curriculum and must pay the prescribed fee if not finishing the courses;
- Perform other obligations of students according to the regulations of the college.
6. Degree after graduation
Completion of the training program, satisfactory student will be granted:
- 01 Vietnamese college diploma of Danang Tourism College;
- 01 German diploma (granted by HWK Leipzig, equivalent to level 4 according to the German national qualification framework).

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