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1.    General introduction about Tour guiding
Tour guiding is specializing in organization, implementation and serving customers according to tourism programs with basic missions such as: prepare, organize the implementation of the programs; present; manage delegations; guide to sightseeing; support for marketing and advertisement; sell travel programs; establish and maintain relationships with partners; solve matters arising during the implementation of the tourism programs; take care of customers, etc…response to the demands of tourists. Guarantee the requirements of quality, hygienic, safe, security, thoughtfulness and politeness.
The works of tour guiding are performed mainly at routes; tourist destinations, sightseeing, landmarks; tourism service businesses, etc… with diversity and abundance working conditions and environment spreading out in space-time; frequent contact with tourists, service providers, and other partners. The work intensity isn’t too heavy but always suffer from certain psychological pressure. This is a very service-intensive job, but compared to the other manufacturing industries, the effect of tools, machines, equipment which are mainly communication equipment, presentation equipment, documents, programs, etc, on the job is not too big. The main jobs are carried out independently. Only a handful of jobs are carried out in groups or partly supported by the line businesses, suppliers of travel services, on-site guides.
To do this job, employees must meet the requirements for good health, good appearance, sufficient knowledge, and expertise, ability to communicate and behave in the process of good service, professional ethics, ability to organize and perform the duties of a tour guide.
2.    Knowledge
a. Basic knowledge: Identify the basic knowledge about politics, law and social culture, Information Technology, Defense and security education, Physical education.
b. Fundamental and specialized knowledge
- Subjects are selectively designed to provide knowledge related to the tourism industry, such as Tourism Overview, Psychology and communication skills, Relics and scenic in Vietnam, Vietnamese culture, Travel geography, World civilization history, Vietnamese history’s process, Vietnamese ethnic groups.
- Analyzing the process of forming the presentation and the tour guide, the method of  cheerleading, events and teambuilding organization in tourism following the needs of customers.
3. Skills
- Prepare, organize the implementation of the program, presentation, guide the tour, manage the delegations, support advertising and marketing, sell and maintain relationships with partners, solve problems arising during the implementation of the tourism program, customer care ... meet the needs of tourists. Guarantee the requirements of quality, hygienic, safe, security, thoughtfulness and politeness; guide, provide information, serve, organize the program and be a companion to protect visitors.
- Manage daily tasks and manage personal and team time effectively. Monitor, check and evaluate work results to ensure the process and standards at the tour guide department. Make forms, reports, internal documents, common contracts for tourism partners and customers.
4. Degree of autonomy, responsibility
- Work with passion, a good sense of discipline and responsibility, a professional industrial working style. Be honest and overcome proactively difficulties at work. Able to independent work and team work. Be agile, meticulous, careful and objective.
- Respect, take care and persuade customers.
- Cooperate with colleagues and partners.
- Able to update knowledge and create at work
5. Post-graduation job
After graduation, students can take the following positions:
- Domestic tour guide
- Inbound tour guide
- Outbound tour guide
And depending on the ability of students after graduation, they can become: Team leader; Tour guide manager in travel agencies.
6. Learning ability and proficiency improvement
Students have potential for development and adaptability, as well as they have ability for making the transition from college to university with majors related to tourism and hotel.
7. Learning duration
Duration of 2.5 years divided into 5 semesters, including 2 field trips / internships at tourism businesses from 3-4 months to create conditions for students to work at the enterprise as a real employee.
8. Successful former students 

Translated by: Le Thi Lai

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