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Restaurant manager


1.    General Introduction about Restaurant management course
After this course, students will have the skills needed to perform their duties as a member of the Food and Beverages service team. They will be in a position to provide table service in restaurants, hotels and other food caterings with different types of services (set menu, a la carte, buffet, banqueting, drinks, non-alcoholic drinks, etc.), to meet the requirements of quality, hygiene, safety, security and politeness.
In addition, restaurant staff also carry out the tasks such as planning menu; organizing food and beverages services; managing restaurant facilities, staff, working cooperation, work safety; checking and evaluating service quality; improving professional skills; widening relationship at work, etc.
All activities are mainly done in the restaurant with high requirements of quality and food safety. Restaurant must be well-equipped so that service is always excellent. Staff can work individually or in team according to types of restaurant or types of service.
Restaurant labor must meet job requirements such as physical speed and strength, professional knowledge, communication skill, good attitude, organizing and operating ability. 
2.    Knowledge
a. Basic knowledge: Determine basic knowledge of Politics, Law, Sociocultural, Information technology, Defense and security education, Physical education.
b. Industry knowledge 
- Students will be provided knowledge of tourism industry via related subjects such as Overview on tourism, Psychology and communication skills, Services management, Food culture, Food and nutrition, Menu planning, Marketing in tourism, Payment skill, etc.
- Students can analyze job skill procedures such as mise en place, restaurant cleaning, serving meals, serving banquets. They also can present the characteristics, usage, storage of all types of drinks. Moreover, students can talk about procedure, rules and methods of making drinks.
- Students can describe planning steps; organize, supervise, check and evaluate works at food and beverage department. They can master the knowledge and skills of food and beverage management, control food and drinks quality, maintain facilities, manage restaurant labor, manage finance in restaurant.
3. Skills
- Organize and serve guest, recommend food and drinks, make plan and organize banquets, make popular drinks;
- communicate with guests, take care of guest and handle complaints;
- check, supervise and train restaurant staff, suppliers; take part in making department plans, suppliers;
- be in charge of or take part in making department’ s plan or restaurant plan such as: marketing plan, managing human resource plan, purchasing facilities, organizing events;
- communicate in English at workplace.
4. Attitudes and responsibilities
- Love working, good attitudes, modern manners, high resposibilities;
- Be honest, active in working;
- Can work individually or in team;
- Be quick, careful and objective;
- Respect, take care, persuade guests;
- Cooperate with coleagues;
- Be able to update knowledge, be creative in working.
5. Working positions
Students will be able to work at the following positions:
- Waiter, bartender
- Restaurant supervisor, bar supervisor
- Restaurant manager, bar manager at one-star/five-star hotels.
6. Study and skill training oppotunities
Be able to develop, adapt and study higher education in major of hospitality and tourism.
7. Duration
Training duration: 2,5 years divided into 5 semesters, in which there are 2 internships at hotels 3-4 months. Students will have chance to work as a staff in the industry.
 8. Successful former students

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