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Department of Training, Scientific Management and International Cooperation

Ngày cập nhật: Thứ sáu, 12/07/2019
Department of Training, Science Administration and International Collaboration has the following functions and duties:
  1. Training duty
  1. Act as a counselor and submit to the Principal for approving the training scale, career framework, opening of new majors according to regulations of the Law.
  2. Act as a counselor and build up Statutes and Regulations, specialized processes to assist for enrollment and training.
  3. Research and propose innovation methods to improve the contents, programs, processes, learning and teaching documents, training methods and manage the vocational training quality of the school; Take responsibility for quality management in questions and answers according to regulations; Preside over making plan to organize the training program revisions .
  4. Build up the training plan and progress of the whole course; the training plan and progress, and schedule of each academic year and semester. Manage, regulate the training plan and  progress, the schedule to ensure the time and volume of training courses;
  5. Preside over and co-ordinate with Departments, Faculties and Divisions in compiling learning and teaching documents and innovating teaching methods towards practical approach and focus on vocational skills;
  6. Observe, inspect, review and evaluate the implementation of training program and plan, teaching and learning Statutes and regulations in Faculties; proactively propose the addition or adjustment of the plan when necessary to the Principal considers  and makes a decision;
  7. Preside over building up the plan and carry out the annual enrollment process for all systems and training levels of the school.
  8. Administrative management about academic training systems of the school following Statutes and regulations on vocational training issued by the Ministry of Labor, War Invalids, & Social Welfare; assemble, statistics, and deal with academic information;
  9. Organize, instruct and clear up students' queries about studying, test and exam Statutes;   receive and deal with applications, documents, official letters related to vocational training colleges and schools;
  10. Organize skill guidance, disseminate, grasp relevant Statutes and regulations thoroughly for lecturers; Organize the school level teaching festivals; Organize the contest for lecturers to assess their occupational skills and participate in the contest of excellent teachers at all levels; Organize the emulation movement of "teaching well, studying well" in the School;
  11. Preside over making plan to organize graduation exams and procedures for graduates.
  12. Issue and manage the original and copy diplomas, certificates,  transcripts, academic results of the training levels following the law and the school regulations;
  13. Manage and store the learning results of the whole school students.
  14. Act as a counselor to the Principal of working with businesses in all aspects to contribute to improving the quality of school training.
2. Scientific management duty
a. Make plan and organize the implementation of short-term and long-term scientific research activities of the school; deploy annual technical applications in staffs, lecturers and students based on research topics with Vietnam National Administration of Tourism, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, other schools, and due to requirements related to the vocational training of the school;
b. Build up and deploy plans and strategies to develop cooperation in training and scientific research with domestic and foreign units and organizations;
c. Build up, summarize the science and technology plan, manage and coordinate science and technology activities in the school; observe, inspect and evaluate the results of science and technology activities;
d. Carry out the registration of school-level, department-level, ministerial-level, provincial-level, and state-level research projects and organize the implementation of approved projects;
e. Receive and submit to the Principal approving, guiding and managing school-level scientific research topics; propose applications of scientific research results into the reality;
f. Preside over organizing seminars, scientific reports on new technology transfer, application of science and technology in school activities;
g. Preside over, coordinate with Departments, Divisions and non-school units to manage, coordinate focal points and implement scientific research projects and contracts of the school;
h. Act as a counselor to school's Science and Training Council to appraise scientific research works of staffs, lecturers and students;
i. Carry out procedures to appraise/approve/ check and take over / evaluate scientific research reports/topics/projects/projects following current regulations on organization and management of scientific research. Propose to commend and reward, handle infringement case in performing scientific research tasks.
j. Observe, urge, inspect and evaluate the progress of the school's scientific research projects.
3. International Collaboration duty
a. Establish the relationship and coordinate to deal with work related to the functions of international Collaboration;
b. Research the domestic and foreign labor markets related to school's training field with the aim of creating markets for graduates, expand joint venture training.
c. Build up cooperation program documents and projects; associate; preside over the implementation of international cooperation projects;
d. Be the clue in contact with foreign partners, help the Principal prepare the content of cooperation documents; organize the signing ceremony of cooperation documents of the school with partners; manage documents of international agreements; pick up and drop off international guests;
e. Translate diplomas and documents issued by schools into foreign languages and vice versa to serve foreign affairs of staffs, teachers, and the schools;
f. Take responsible for welcoming delegations in and out, and organize the signing of partners with the school;
i. Store and manage documents and records belong to scientific research and international Collaboration field.
4. Other duties
a. Directly manage the academic managing and coordinate with faculties to implement the academic task well for training;
b. Carry out, periodic and irregular statistics and reports to the Principal and the management levels on the admission and training work;
c. Collaborate with the Department of General Administration and faculties to build up a training plan and cultivate qualifications for lecturers;
d. Act as a counselor to the Principal about school policies for lecturers; check reports, statistics the teaching volume of lecturers by semester and school year to pay teaching remunerations for them;
e. Manage the assets, materials and human resources of the Division according to the law; propose the needs of material facilities and necessary equipment for teaching and learning;
  1. Perform other duties as assigned by the Principal.
Translated by: Le Thi Lai