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Introduction to Faculty of Basic and Professional Knowledge 

Ngày cập nhật: Chủ nhật, 21/07/2019
Introduction to Faculty of Basic and Professional Knowledge 
The Faculty of Basic and Professional Knowledge has thesefunctions and tasks:
1. Developing and implement a plan for teaching, learning and other extracurricular activities according to the University's annual curriculum and plans;
2. Carrying out the compilation of the curriculum and syllabus when assigned; organize research to renovate the content and improve teaching methods to improve the quality of training;
3. Conducting experimental activities, scientific research, and application of technology to the teaching process;
4. Managing lecturers, staff and learners under the faculty of management;
5. Managing and effectively use material facilities and equipment according to the school's regulations; proposing and elaborating plans on supplementation and maintenance of vocational training equipment; 
6. Regularly revising programs and curricula to develop plans, revise and compile programs and curricula on the basis of research on improvement and supplementation in order to regularly renovate appropriate training programs and curricula. suitable with reality;
7. Coordinating with the Training Department to develop a timetable for the University's regular training systems;
8. Building a system of exam questions bank (including revision outline, exam questions and answers) for each subject managed by the Faculty;
9. Managing exam questions, making plans and arranging lecturers, supervisors and examiners to test and take examinations in each Department and Department;
10. Assigning lecturers of the faculty to work as head teachers (teachers) of classes and teachers; Assess and classify the learning and training results of students under the management of the faculty through periodic reports of vocational teachers according to semester and school year. Based on the quality of training, propose changes to improve the quality of training;
11. Preparing training and retraining plans to improve professional qualifications for faculty members; Identify and recommend good lecturers to the University to recruit organic lecturers or invite as visiting lecturers; 
12. Managing teaching and learning quality within the scope of the management department; Professional management, allocation of organic lecturers, inviting visiting lecturers for the school's training systems and qualifications; Check and report on teaching statistics of lecturers of the Faculty; Implement teaching regulations of lecturers;
13. Developing methods of organizing exams in accordance with the training requirements of the professions and training systems in order to improve the evaluation efficiency as well as the quality of training;
14. Performing procedures for paying lectures for visiting lecturers and overtime money for lecturers;
15. Managing the labor resources, assets, documents and finance of the unit (if any);
16. Observing the reporting regime according to the school's regulations; 
17. Performing other duties as assigned by the Principal.The Faculty of Basic Knowledge consists of 2 subject groups: Basic Knowledge, Basic Knowledge in the industry. Basic Knowledge subjects will provide students with general background knowledge about Vietnam's tourism industry. Subjects in the Knowledge Base will provide students with background knowledge for each specialty taught at the school such as Hotel Administration, Restaurant Management, or Travel Management ..... The subjects of the Basic Knowledge Department are considered as the foundation courses for students to build higher bricks in the curriculum of each field trained at the school. In addition, the Faculty is also responsible for organizing security and defense education courses for students every year. 

Translated by Nguyen Hoang Uyen Phuong