Introduction of Department of General Administration

Post date: Thứ sáu, 12/07/2019
Introduction of Department of General Administration

Department of General Administration is responsible for the following functions and missions:
1. Personnel Organization Mission 
a. Advising the Principal on organizational structure model, operation regulations of the College;
b. Developing long-term and annual human resource plans;
c. Taking main responsibility for, and coordinating with departments, faculties, centers in formulating job descriptions and title criteria and submit them to the Principal for approval;
d. Developing and deploying annual recruitment plans and tasks according to the approved plan; 
e. Drafting contracts and documents related to management, employment, advising the Principal in arranging, transferring and promoting officials, lecturers and employees;
f. Researching training needs, developing training programs for cadres and lectures, making annual training and retraining plans, organizing training activities as planned; 
g. Carrying out procedures for conferring noble titles for Teachers and lecturers; official lecturers, specialists, main experts; 
h. Implementing and organizing the implementation of policies and regimes for officials, lecturers and employees; 
i. Guiding, summarizing the assessment of cadres, lecturers and employees monthly and annually, performing the emulation, commend and reward discipline; 
j. Managing personnel files as prescribed.

2. Administrative Tasks
a. Managing all the college's properties and facilities; Developing short-term and long-term development plans for facilities to meet the development demands of the College; Being in charge of basic construction; repairing and upgrading facilities; Managing equipment, the electricity and water of the learning area, preventing and fighting against fires and explosions in the learning and working areas of the College; Advising the procurement of equipment for teaching, cultural and music activities, arts and sports activities;
b. Preparing facilities (room decoration, sound and lighting) for meetings, conferences, common activities of the College and activities of the departments and faculties;
c. Managing environmental sanitation of the entire learning and working areas of the College, ensuring the College to be green - clean - beautiful;
d. Managing documents sent to and from units inside and outside the College, carrying out the storage and confidentiality of documents as prescribed. Issuing papers as decentralized by the Principal, managing the College's seal;
dd. Making a working schedule, being a secretary to record minutes for meetings chaired by the Managing Board of the College;
e. Managing drugs and medical records of the whole college, being in charge of hygiene and epidemics prevention; medical examining and applying first aid, introducing employees and students to go to hospitals at higher levels;
f. Publicizing administrative procedures such as: Procedures for repairing equipment, procedures for purchasing equipment, regulations on the use and maintenance of equipment, regulations on lecture hall and classroom registration;
g. Well performing the task of internal political protection, maintaining the security, well protecting the College's properties and facilities.

3. Finance - Accounting Tasks
a. Advising the college's leaders to submit to the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the relevant ministries and branches for approval of long-term plans (5 years and annually), programs and projects of the College in accordance with the general development plan of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. Organizing the announcement of the approved plans.
b. Organizing the implementation, guidance and inspection of the implementation of the College's plans, projects, programs after they are approved by competent authorities;
c. Collaborating with relevant departments and faculties in researching and advising the College's Management Board to propose the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and relevant ministries and branches to promulgate and organize the implementation of specific policies for investment incentives to the operation development of the College;
d. Coordinating with relevant units to appraise and participate in the evaluation, monitoring and reminding the implementation of the College's related investment projects. Setting up investment promotion plans for the College's projects; 
dd. Based on the College's working programs, annual state budget plans and estimates, revenues from tuition, fees and other sources for making quarterly and annually revenue and expenditure estimates as regulated, proactively balancing between revenue sources and cost needs to ensure the entire operation of the College;
e. Collecting and managing revenue sources; paying expenses items; Examining and controlling the implementation of receipts and expenses estimates, the implementation of economic and financial expenditures and norms of the State and the College in accordance with the regulations, the right purposes and with efficiency;
f. Collecting and processing accounting figures according to the accounting subjects and contents according to accounting standards and regulations; Examining and supervising financial revenues and expenditures, debt collection and payment obligations; checking and preventing violations of laws on finance and accounting. Analyzing accounting information and figures. Analyzing and evaluating the fund-use; proposing norms and solutions to meet the management requirements and financial decisions of the College. Supplying accounting information and data in accordance with the provisions of law. Preserving, storing accounting documents, keep accounting documents and data confidential according to the prescribed regimes;
g. Preparing and submitting financial statements, tax reports and other statistical reports as prescribed on schedule. Monthly reporting to the Principal the financial activities situation of the College;
h. Coordinating with Departments, Faculties and Practice Centers to manage the College's assets, supplies and equipment. Presiding over the inventory; Periodic or abnormal inspection of fixed assets according to management requirements. Monitoring the repair and upgrade of fixed assets, analyzing the situation of using fixed assets. Participating in and monitoring the liquidation and transfer of fixed assets between Divisions, Departments and affiliated units;
i. Taking main responsibility for elaborating, supplementing and changing internal spending regulations and regulations related to financial management for submission to the Principal for approval; deploying and guiding timely the implementation of financial regimes and policies as prescribed.
4. Other duties 
a. Managing the assets, materials and human resources of the Department in accordance with the provisions of law;
b. Making reports and statistics as prescribed;
c. Carrying out other duties as assigned by the Principal.

Translated by Le Thi Thu Thao